Sunday, May 17, 2015

Grandma Mergie's Legacy

 Mergie H Moore
My dear grandmother passed away last month.  She was an fiercely independent woman who lived a full life.  But at 92 her body finally failed her and she passed away after a short illness.  She will forever be my role model and to honor her I took up one of her many hobbies.  She made the most beautiful doilies that she generously gave away to both family and friends.  She also crocheted other items including intricate tablecloths.  I have one she did in a pineapple pattern.  I know she made one for all her daughters and grandchildren.  
It seemed tragic that our family would no longer have someone in it that crocheted as  masterfully as she did.  So, I am teaching myself to do the time consuming art of doily making.
Here is my first attempt.  I made so many mistakes.......but the finished doily doesn't look too bad......
and as I made it, in between muttering to myself as I tore out stitches, I thought of my grandmother.....and hoped she'd approve.

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