Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bee Happy!

Where do you go when you need a picture of a bee that is realistic and got a little vintage vibe going? The Graphics Fairy of course. Here is a neat little bee that I glued inside a bottle cap pendant and then covered with liquid epoxy. The bee is very tiny and fits inside the center of the cap which measures 16 mm. The epoxy goes in very smoothly and dries in about 24 hours. Diana


  1. Oohhh! So cute!! I hope you will be linking this up tomorrow for Brag Monday Diana! I wanted to let you know that I'll be bragging about you tomorrow. I'll be featuring your adorable Bike Notebook on my blog!

  2. beautiful cap pendant!Have a great day,

  3. I'm so glad you decided to link this darling pendant up today!

  4. Very pretty. I love making them for my girls as well as giving away a cap/necklace to their friends when they have a bday.