Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wild Blackberry Cupcakes

Here in Ohio we have a wealth of berries that just grow wild in the woods and meadows. We picked a quart of them and cooked them down into a syrup. I used some of it to make these Wild Blackberry cupcakes today! I added some syrup to the homemade vanilla batter. They baked up a pretty shade of dark violet and after they cooled I piped in a cream cheese filling in the centers.
The frosting is a simple buttercream that I also added the blackberry syrup to! The tart berry flavor cuts through the sweetness of the sugar making these seem particularly light. Well.....OK. I guess that might be an overstatement cuz there is a lot of frosting on these and there isn't anything healthy about them. But who cares, I can't wait to dig into them! Diana


  1. This post is absolutely mouthwatering! Just sounds SO good~ and looks beautiful, too!

  2. Where did you get those amazing SILVER SPRINKLES? I love them!! And I need some! lol

  3. The sprinkles are available at Amish bulk food stores here in Ohio! If you don't have them where you are, let me know and I can ship some to you. Diana from Closet Crafter