Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Handmade soap and a pretty scrubby for the bath......what luxury. I had made one of these before but I had to cut my netting myself. I didn't do a neat job cutting so the finished project was a little rough looking. Yesterday, while shopping at JoAnns I found rolls of netting that were just the right widths! And at $2.50 these scrubbies are inexpensive to make too! I crocheted this in just a few minutes. Using a large hook, chain 4 and form a loop. Chain 2 and then double crochet in the loop until you have a nice disk that lies flat with no distortions. For the next round chain 2 and then double crochet 3 times in each stitch. Single crochet in each stitch for one round. Now start decreasing by double crocheting every other stitch until you have about a one inch hole left. Now single crochet until hole is closed and tie off . Stuff any extra net into into the center and it's done. I know those instructions are a little casual but that is how I crochet! Diana

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  1. It's really cute!
    How many spools did it take in all?