Monday, April 9, 2012

Carrot Cake Cupcake

See what I gave to a few friends this Easter.  Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with homemade chocolate carrots as decoration.  The cupcakes were all packaged in these cute little cupcake boxes!
 I had ordered some royal icing carrots from King Arthur's Flour for about seven dollars.  When I opened them I found that there were only 8 in the package.  Now I love King Arthur's Flour like everyone else but these little suckers were almost 1 buck a piece and that was without shipping!  And I had planned on making 30 cupcakes.  Do the math.....  So I got out my food safe mold putty and.....
I stuck four carrots into the soft putty and then let it dry to a flexible mold.

Then I removed the carrots (broke two in the process......) and poured candy melts into the little cavities.  I popped the filled molds into the freezer for about three minutes and CAREFULLY renoved the candy carrots.  I only broke a few in the process so they were much sturdier than the sugar ones.

I didn/t have orange candy melts so I mixed red with yellow and they looked great when they were done.  And cost a lot less than a dollar a piece!

Here are the finished cupcakes.  Some went to my neighbor, some went to a few friends and the rest were our Easter dessert.

I put the ones for my friends in cute cupcake boxes,  I then wrapped a ribbon around the box and used a homemade sticker to seal the ribbon ends together.  They looked special and were delicious as well.  Diana

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