Monday, April 2, 2012

Charm Quilt

I have never made a "charm" quilt before.  It just seemed unnecessary to have someone else cut out squares.  And expensive.  But when I heard from Sage Endeavors that she had successfully purchased fabric online and how wonderful it was and that the site was having a sale.......well, I love a sale.  So I bought a charm pack and a layer cake pack from  Green Fairy Quilts.  I am now sold on both precut fabric and this online store.And they are having another sale right now!  But back to the quilt.  I turned one charm pack into this sweet little lap quilt for our quest room.  And I loved having the squares cut for me.  Let's face it, they do a much better job of getting them all the same size.  So I have one less thing to worry about.   And somebody else figures out which fabrics look good together!  Win-win situation.
I found the border  and backing fabrics at my local quilt store.  Green Fairy Quilts' fabrics are current so you can get matching yardage at fabric store easily.  This quilt only took about a day and a half to make and that included machine quilting and sewing the binding by hand.  I love it!  Diana

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