Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fairy Door

We all know that Santa comes down the chimney but how does the tooth fairy get into your house?  Through a fairy door of course!I picked up an unfinished wooden door at the craft store and after some thinking (one can't be too hasty about these things) I decided to make my door look like it was straight out of an old english cottage.  I faux painted gray stone for the walls and step and painted the door a cheerful green.  I white washed the door so it looked like it had seen many years of use.  A few spots of moss and a little grime (green and brown paint) helped age it too.

For now the door sits up high on a shelf in one of our guest rooms.  But it may move from room to room as the need arises.

Here is a shot of the stone step and the hardware on the door.  One strange fact about this door.  Only wee little fairies can open it.  I guess they have a key or something.  Diana

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  1. oooh! I almost bought one of these today from Hobby Lobby. Yours is gorgeous;I love the finish.