Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Tea Towels

Do you love pretty tea towels but are like me and have ugly stained dish clothes that you can't take anywhere!  I am sure I can't be the only one.......So I finally decided I could make some pretty vintage towels and not give them away as gifts.  I WOULD KEEP THEM FOR ME!!!  So here they are, all finished and ready to sit, looking pretty, on my counter or nestled in a basket.  I can't tell you how easy these were.  The fabric comes already hemmed on the long sides so you just cut to lenghth and hem the two ends.  I got the fabric at Miller's Dry Goods and Fabric because we live very near to their store.  I am sure other good fabric stores carry it but Miller's does have an online store too.  Check them out for some great selection of towel fabric. 

I went teal, yellow and rose because it looked so pretty.

I think I am going back soon and get more for a table runner or maybe some placemats.  Diana

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