Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Country Getaway

Our little cabin is really coming along.  This last weekend we got the ditch in for the water line, along with the pipes.  It took a while but now we have running water to the toilet and an outdoor spigot.  Next will be the kitchen sink (what a blessing that will be!!!) and then the shower and bathroom vanity.  But for now we are enjoying having a working toilet......especially in the middle of the night!We stayed the night so my husband could get an early start on turkey hunting.  With the fire roaring and a blowup mattress, we had a very comfortable night, though we could have used one more blanket since it got down to the mid 30's that night!

This is my favorite place to read, wrapped in the blanket my sweet grandmother crocheted us for extra coziness. 

The next day I took this picture.

The farm across the road has a number of horses that have learned I always have a treat for friendly country neighbors.

While it is still too cold for a dip now, this is the swimming hole that will be calling our names in the heat of summer.

Our creek has two springs that feed into it so we have running water all year.

I mowed the fields while my husband worked on the plumbing last week and it looks so pretty now.  But the running toilet still is my favorite part!   Diana

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