Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday 12

I have a terrible confession to make.......I am basically a lazy person.  I would much rather surf the net and dream of all the craft projects I want to make......someday, than actually DO ANYTHING......especially housework.  ESPECIALLY HOUSEWORK!  So while I manage to keep the house looking OK, I am terrible about the details, like sweeping under appliances or dusting baseboards.  I know, I am horrible....and I feel horrible for admitting this out loud.  So when my daughter told me about this super cool lady that would email me everyday with words of encouragement and a chore that would help me have one of those houses people could drop by and I wouldn't die of embarrassment.....I jump right in and signed up;  And it is free!  Her blog is called Flylady and she is wonderful.  She does send a bunch of emails (like about 8 a day) for some of her other offers but no biggie BECAUSE everyday I get a chore that I can check off and feel good about.  Superior actually.  I now am organizing my house, one day at a time.  Diana

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  1. Hi - I can't believe that no one posted a comment on this. I had heard of the Fly Lady...about 2 and 1/2 year ago (or more!) and I, like you, am guilty of avoiding things like cleaning under beds (my biggest chore I think!) and other places that company won't see. She says that if you clean your kitchen sink - your life will change...and you know - it's pretty true!

    I found you via Graphics Fairy - I loved your dollar store notebook re-do! Very, very nice.