Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cocoa Jar...For Now

We don't drink coffee but, during the winter, we do drink cocoa.....a lot. And it comes in an ugly size 10 metal can! I had left the can out on my counter for a few weeks when I couldn't stand it any more. Must....make....pretty. Now with I have this cute cocoa jar with it's own chakboard label. And the best part is, after winter is long gone and I am no longer living on cups of cocoa, I can change the words to something else! Like maybe "cookies" or "chocolate". Love it!
I used my cricut to cut a stencil out of contact paper. Then I put three coats of chalkboard paint on. Let the paint cure overnight. Remove the stencil and clean up any overspill with a razor. I am pretty sure this jar can't go through the dishwasher, but you should be able to gently hand wash. The jar is available at Walmart. So is the paint!
One look outside and I can see this is a day to stay indoors with a nice warm cup of cocoa from my new jar and maybe stalk a few of my favorite craft blogs. Diana


  1. Love the jar! And that it is able to be repurposed - priceless! Do you have a Cocoa recipe you would share?

  2. Yeah I would want cocoa too if I lived where you do, It's beautiful outside but I would never leave my house. Lol!