Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hospital Couture

One of my friends has a sweet baby undergoing chemo. They have spent months in the hospital, and I heard the gowns are just not suitable for this sweet girl. So, a few online pattern searches and a few hours later I had this.

My pattern was adapted from this site . The pattern is very easy and can be adapted. Little Averi is so small that I just used the general idea to make my own pattern. The best things about it is the overlap of fabric in the back and the velcro and button toCheck Spellingp arm seam closures. I have a few more in the works and will post pictures as I complete them.


  1. Oh,how sweet of you! And it looks gorgeous! So sad to hear about little Averi - hope she will be better soon!

  2. Absolutely beautiful - and how wonderful of you!
    All the best for Averi (what an adorable name) in her recovery.

  3. The site does not have this pattern anymore!! Please help a dear friends 3 yr old goes in for her last heart surgery and I would love to make her some of these the Velcro sleeve is just what we need for drainage tubes