Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sleepy Time Mask

I have never used a sleep mask but I have a granddaughter who loves them! And after making this one I may have to start using one. I downloaded a pattern off the Internet. It seemed really large but after sewing seems just right.
I chalked the out line of the mask on the black fabric and put it in the hoop for my embroidery machine. If you don't have one these stars are so easy you could do them on a regular sewing machine! Then I cut out the pattern and sewed around the edge leaving an opening for turning.
The zz would be a little harder without an embroidery machine but I think it would be possible if you made them simpler.
I attached some very thin elastic before sewing. The fabric next to the face is a very soft terry cloth type fabric. I also top stitched around the mask. That closed the opening and gave a neater appearance to the edges. Now I'm ready for a little nappy time. Diana


  1. Super cute! Wonder if I put one on if my girls will get the message and take a nap, too? ;)

  2. Oh SOOO cute, can you say where you found the pattern?